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Contributed writer: Cash management tips for your business

Some cash flow gaps are created intentionally.

Andi Gray: How to get your cash flow in order

Plan for extra invoicing in order to build up cash on hand and avoid getting caught short.

Andi Gray: Getting access to loans can be a challenge

The bank is not your business partner, taking risks with you. They’re a vendor looking to insure they get their money back, no matter what.

Column: Business funding: an alternative

The main ongoing problem facing the majority of business owners today is the perennial one of how to make the company’s cash flow stretch...

Column: Manage your cash flow so your business stays afloat

Cash flow is short, cash is tight. Makes it hard to plan the next three to four months. We’ve been making money, so I...

Column: Key considerations when negotiating commercial leases

If you are like most commercial tenants who think that rent is the only concern when leasing space, you’re mistaken.

Cleaning up your credit line

As with all credit instruments, credit lines should be used in anticipation of greater profits downstream. Use them to boost invoicing opportunity and to manage expenses and cash flow until that money comes in.

Become profitable by predicting the future

Most business owners have a hard time predicting and managing cash flow. Here are a few things you can do to see things more clearly.

Spread too thin?

A common problem in small to medium-size businesses is getting spread too thin. Owners are resourceful and willing to pitch in wherever they’re needed. That’s good in the beginning. Long term, however, it’s counterproductive

Use credit strategically as the recovery gains strength

Companies seeking to ride the recovery, as uncertain and erratic as it may admittedly seem at times in the short term, must be strategic in their use of credit.

Don’t be your company leader in name only

Once in charge, many small-business owners find that leading, managing, and motivating others involved with the business aren’t as easy as they sound.