Home Economic Development Apartments planned on North Avenue near Iona College

Apartments planned on North Avenue near Iona College


  1. Nice project, but does it have to built with all the tax abatements? Seems like this is another tax abated development where the current residents will foot the bill for the next 20 years. A lot of kids can live in 114 apartments and yet nothing will be paid to the schools (or very little).

    Sad how New Rochelle keeps doling out these exemptions that require the rest of us to pay.

    No wonder New Rochelle just got socked with a 7.5% tax increase. And here’s a novel idea, if the development doesn’t make sense without massive tax incentives and abatements, don’t build it. No homeowner would get that kind of a deal so why should they?

    • I agree with you , it sucks for the homeowners for sure ……. all these buildings are exempt from paying out taxes and yet we get the increase I swear if I could selll our hone tom I would and leave ASAP … it’s nutz


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