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Bill Heltzel has covered criminal justice, courts, government and sports – as a beat reporter and investigative reporter – for daily newspapers in Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. He worked for Bloomberg LP in training and sales. He joined The Business Journal in 2016.

Foreign agents target Falun Gong in Orange County

The Chinese operatives were tripped up by an undercover agent posing as an IRS official, a paid informant, recorded conversations and court-ordered wire taps that exposed a plan to challenge the tax-exempt status of a Falun Gong charitable organization.

Rye neighbors claim nearby restaurant has no usage rights

Unlike most cases where the zoning board has discretion to balance the interests of property owners and the community, the petition states, this is a "rare one that involves strictly legal issues."

Titan Concrete ordered to post $8M bond to protect Pelham co-owner

Here, the judge ruled, if allegations of waste and mismanagement are substantiated, "the corporation would be worthless."

Thornwood diner drama divides family factions

"The type of intense discord that has developed," the petition states, "has created such disruption and deadlock that efficient management by the shareholders, directors and officers is impossible, with no chance of repair or resurrection of any positive business relationship."

Father and son feud over Katonah enterprises

They assert a variety of wrongdoings and cannot even agree on who owns the businesses.

Singer says career silenced by Larchmont landlord’s failure to remediate mold

Reedy, who now lives in a Hell's Kitchen apartment building, describes herself as a classically trained soprano and musical theater performer who earns a living by singing.

Residence Inn wants to bill New Rochelle for $425,000 in water...

On Dec. 26 when a sprinkler pipe in the garage burst, next to the Residence Inn elevators, and damaged the hotel lobby and back offices at 35 LeCount Place.

Disbarred Dutchess guardian turned over to state guards for 4 –...

Surrogate Court Judge Michael G. Hayes noticed discrepancies in how Murphy handled a special needs trust. For two years, for instance, he failed to file annual accounting reports.

Ossining deli owner beyond reach of Chase debt for now

By the time the bank declared default, Patierno, 55, was residing at Greene Correctional Facility in Coxsackie, near Albany. The Greene lockup is a minimum security prison that offers several programs for the inmates, including sex offender treatment.

Elmsford ‘Raw Rev’ snack bar business seeks bankruptcy protection

During divorce proceedings, CEO Alice Benedetto stated in a court filing, "little to no sales activity occurred, which caused the debtor to lose considerable market share."

Contractor gets 3 months in prison for Poughkeepsie construction fatality

"Though technically a misdemeanor," federal prosecutors said in a sentencing letter, "the defendants committed an extremely serious crime."

Buyer dings Elmsford Jaguar dealer for alleged incomplete repairs

The 2021 Jaguar F-Pace bought six months ago "is in pieces" at the car shop and "is painted several different colors and is waiting for parts from a war zone."

Renowned restaurateur Peter X Kelly renews bankruptcy protection

The restaurants owe more than $3.5 million, according to their schedules of unsecured claims, to the IRS, the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division, and New York State.

Mount Kisco woman to pay price for role in global fraud

For less than $100 per share, investors were told, they would eventually be paid with 1.15 kg of gold per share. But the fund was worthless. There was no gold. No payouts were made.

Mirror mirror on the wall, whose is the fairest trademark of...

LiteMirror's alleged infringement "has become progressively more significant," the complaint states, and has "made consumer confusion inevitable."