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Bill Heltzel has covered criminal justice, courts, government and sports – as a beat reporter and investigative reporter – for daily newspapers in Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. He worked for Bloomberg LP in training and sales. He joined The Business Journal in 2016.

Mamaroneck shipyard owes $1.6M for defective work on Ducky-Momo yacht

Derecktor demanded arbitration to settle the matter, and had the M/V Independence “arrested” to keep it at the shipyard.

Manhattanville College student sues for tuition and fees paid during pandemic

“Appropriate refunds and credits were never issued.”

Yorktown’s Blue Book employees get steeply discounted $750,000 settlement

The U.S. Department of Labor sued Professional Fiduciary Services in 2019, alleging that the consultant had used blatantly unrealistic projections to establish the selling price of the Blue Book, causing the employees’ plan to “overpay by tens of millions of dollars above fair market value.”

College of New Rochelle officials sued over financial mismanagement

“CNR routinely failed to pay federal and state payroll taxes, flouted and ignored rules regarding use of federal grant money, overdrew its bank accounts, and depleted the majority of CNR’s endowment fund.”

Trucking company accuses New York lender of usury

“Merchant cash advance companies "entire model preys upon struggling small businesses,” the complaint states.

Convicted Harrison trash hauler accused again of cheating

Ralph Zingaro claims that Ralph Mancini and County Waste Management Inc. “had no intention of honoring their promise” to pay him $100,000.

Vector Media sues to stop New Rochelle from forcing billboard removal

“New Rochelle has waged an unlawful campaign to take Vector Media’s billboard without due process or just compensation,” the complaint states, “and now to threaten millions of dollars in … unreasonable and coercive fines to prevent Vector Media from enforcing its rights.”

Bankruptcy trustee sues mom, family of Westchester funeral home director in...

Balsamo conceded at a creditors meeting that he structured his financial affairs “in part by a desire to avoid the collection efforts of creditors, including the IRS.”

California Fat Sal’s accuses Fat Sal’s of Buchanan of exploiting name

The Buchanan Fat Sal’s is free riding on the success of the original Fat Sal’s, the complaint states, and blatantly trading on its goodwill.

Leva brothers squabble over Mount Vernon real estate company

His brothers “engaged in ongoing, surreptitious and unauthorized use and misuse of funds properly belonging to the company,” Dino alleges, and as a result “the company is longer a profitable business.”

Vintage Porsche buyer drops ‘junk’ car lawsuit against Mount Kisco dealer

To his horror, the complaint states, the mechanic discovered that “his rare, unique find was a sham.”

Ossining lender sues Hudson Steppe developer in $11.5M foreclosure

Hudson Steppe was proposed several years ago as an $80.5 million redevelopment of a former wallpaper factory.

Animal Nation board fights founder for control of Rye animal rescue...

Elle Jill Doornick, of Rye, the lawsuit states, “has attempted to execute a coup to overthrow the existing board of directors.”

Spy vs. Spy: Hudson Valley app-maker accuses rival of cybersquatting

“These apps,” the complaint states, “are commonly known as spyware or stalking apps.”

Pants on fire: ‘Liar Liar’ song owner charges White Plains firm...

“Liar liar, pants on fire, your nose is longer than a telephone wire,” evokes the angst of a man confronting his lover about her promiscuity.