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Colliers: Boom in Stamford, Greenwich office deals not fading alongside Covid

The week of Labor Day appears to be when a resumption of full-time, in-office policies will go into effect at many firms.

IBM tells U.S. employees to return to office in September

The company did not state if remote work options would be allowed.

Pitney Bowes poll: Expect year-over-year increases in summer shopping

Gen Z and Millennials will be spending more than their older counterparts.

Survey finds most Americans ready for post-pandemic splurges

55% of respondents said they will keep saving n case the pandemic returns.

New Moody’s report predicts the post-pandemic economic landscape

Moody’s did not envision a post-pandemic state of full online K-12 education.

Fed survey finds Americans divided on post-pandemic economic bounce back

Seven out of 10 respondents stating the COVID-19 pandemic created a “significant disruption” to their local economies.

Survey: Most people will avoid post-pandemic trade shows this year

One in five respondents were ready to hit the malls and shopping centers once they reopen.

Westchester County Association forms group for post-pandemic recovery

Although there still is no definitive time line for the reopening of Westchester County businesses, an effort to help lay the groundwork for economic...