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Eviction moratorium for New York state renters extended until Aug. 20

Renters in New York state, both residential and commercial, are being protected from eviction through Aug. 20, it was announced May 7 by Gov....

Seeking a cure: Regeneron and NYMC in COVID-19 study

When a complex process that normally takes seven to nine months is accomplished in only eight days, you can be reasonably certain that something...

Touro Dental Health offers virtual dental visits

Patients requiring in-person treatment will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors.

NYMC reacts to COVID with research and on-campus changes

“The New York Medical College is actively working on the problem and actively involved in the development of clinical studies,” is all Edward C....

Westchester medical experts say no reason to panic over coronavirus

“There are things about the coronavirus that we don't know and so that makes it a little bit more difficult, having those uncertainties,” Westchester...

New York Medical College helping businesses prepare for disasters

Many businesses aren't properly prepared for dealing with a disaster, Dr. David S. Markenson, the director of the Center for Disaster Medicine at New York Medical College in Valhalla, told the Business Journal.

BioInc@NYMC celebrates anniversary, opens new space

BioInc@NYMC, the biotechnology incubator on the campus of New York Medical College in Valhalla, had two celebrations in one on Oct. 30. It celebrated...

Touro Dental Health opens wide with expansion at Valhalla campus

The Touro College of Dental Medicine has more expansion plans for Touro Dental Health, the facility where the public can receive affordable dental care from Touro’s students and faculty.

NYMC to receive $925K in bioterrorism and disaster response training funds

NYMC has committed to funding renovation of the facility housing the center to create additional space for classroom learning along with hands-on training for disaster and terrorism events.

Retia Medical becomes first BioInc@NYMC client to win FDA clearance

Retia Medical received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for a cardiovascular monitoring system called the Argos Hemodynamic Monitor.

NYMC launches new master’s in clinical laboratory sciences

Laboratory scientists perform diagnostic tests that monitor treatments and uncover new disease states and continuously communicate with physicians to provide improved patient care and treatment outcomes.

New York Medical College drops GRE requirement for some programs

NYMC joins a growing list of colleges pushing back against standardized testing. Last year, Purchase College announced it would no longer require SAT or ACT scores.

Halperin to lecture on anti-Semitism

Edward Halperin, the chancellor and CEO of New York Medical College, will deliver a lecture on a little-known episode of anti-Semitic violence in American medical education.

Doctors of Distinction recognizes excellence in Westchester medicine

A group of Westchester County’s most distinguished doctors – and one promising student – was recognized Sept. 20 at the annual Doctors of Distinction Awards at the Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook.

International experts converge on NYMC

More than 100 attendees from as far away as China gathered at New York Medical College (NYMC) for the recent “East-West Integrative Medical Symposium for Immunology and Wellness – Clinical Practice, Science and Technology.”