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Lovelace joins Touro University System to advance not-for-profit scientific studies

Lovelace first began its search for a partner around three years ago.

Should reproductive technology be inevitable?

Recently, Alan Kadish, M.D., and John D. Loike, Ph.D., co-authored an article in The Scientist magazine about the medical and ethical limits of such reproductive technologies as cloning and parthenogenesis (the creation of an organism from an unfertilized egg, from the Greek meaning “virgin birth”). We asked them to elaborate on this provocative read.

Pfizer CEO to NYMC grads: pursue moonshot, as we did with...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX9jq7VNH2Q "At Pfizer, we referred to the development of our Covid-19 vaccine as a moonshot, shorthand for reaching big, for pursuing aspirational and difficult ventures,”...

New president at Boston Children’s Health Physicians

New president Allen Dozor's history with the organization goes back to 1982, when he joined the faculty and attending staff at Boston Children's Hospital. 

NY Medical College receives state grant for Center for Disaster Medicine

$250,000 from the state will go to the school's Center of Excellence in Precision Responses to Bioterrorism and Disasters, which offers education and training to prepare for bioterrorism and mass casualty incidents along with natural and manmade disasters.

NYMC forms academic affiliation with RI medical center

NYMC has more than 20 affiliations in five states: New York; New Jersey; Connecticut; West Virginia; and Rhode Island.

NYMC highlights $1M in state funds for disaster training

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjBgWhq1c94 The New York Medical College (NYMC) Center of Excellence in Precision Responses to Bioterrorism and Disasters, which is housed in NYMC’s Center for Disaster...

NY Medical, Vassar colleges receive $2.4M for green projects

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that more than $5 million will be given to four colleges and universities, including New York Medical and Vassar...

NYMC students study medical ethics, history, evil

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoVaTBThxRw In the curriculum designed to help its students become the best that medicine has to offer, New York Medical College (NYMC) in Valhalla includes...

NYMC disaster response center awarded $1M from state

New York Medical College (NYMC) in Valhalla will be receiving $1 million from New York state in support of its Center of Excellence in...

Hybrid companies seen in Westchester’s future

Laurence Gottlieb describes himself as a futurist who sees tremendous growth opportunities for life sciences and health tech in Westchester.

Doctors of Distinction awards presented virtually

Medical professionals from Westchester and Fairfield were honored for their contributions to health care and medicine during Westfair Communications' eighth annual Doctors of Distinction awards. Of particular note was the creation of a new category of awards: Covid-19 Heroes.

C-Suite Talk: Westfair award winners cite communication, teamwork as keys to...

The event itself was for the first time held virtually, following several postponements of the usually in-person ceremonies.

Pandemic world learning: It’s all hands-on for Touro dental students

While many in New York state were anxiously awaiting word as to whether public and private schools teaching grades K through 12 in New...

NYMC receives $594K National Institutes of Health grant

New York Medical College (NYMC) in Valhalla has been awarded a grant of $594,269 from the National Institutes of Health S10 Instrumentation Program. The...