Home Economic Development New Rochelle considers $54M in tax exemptions for five apartment projects

New Rochelle considers $54M in tax exemptions for five apartment projects


  1. New Rochelle taxpayers are getting completely ripped off with this. All these new residents will want and/or need city services but there wont be any tax money to pay for them unless Mayor Noam Bramson has the homeowner foot the bill.

    And certainly there’s no space for new parks and what schools will the kids go to? New schools will have to be built and others expanded but with these massive tax abatements the schools will be starved for money.

    Seems New Rochelle homeowner’s better get braced for some big tax increases coming to cover all these abatements. Great job Noam, NOT.

    • Agree don’t have a problem with this if they pay taxes like to rest of us . We the tax payer can’t afford it .

  2. We the people stupid enough to have bought homes here continue to finance all the new development folly..there really isn’t much of a choice..move to Yonkers you have to pay 1.8% NYC Income Tax..City Island or The Bronx anywhere?? 3.6% NYC Income Tax. All the idiots that keep voting for the Supermajority Party for 30 years, but complain about all this?? You have only yourself to blame. You can live 10 to a 1-2 bedroom apartment..or move elsewhere..you can have it as soon as we can we are the hell out of here.

  3. Shopping anyone….where are all these new tenants shop……i’ll tell you where….in Manhattan where they work.They won’t spend their money here.


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