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What do customers want most?

While you may be thinking the best products or services at the lowest cost, what customers want most is personal reinforcement of their values....

Complexity, simplified

There are many ways to make the complexity of your products work for your business, not against it.

Want to be favorably remembered?

The best brands strike a deep nerve or reveal a timeless truth. To create such appeal, organizations must identify the most appropriate and effective single archetype to market their brand to.

The secret to knowing customer ‘wants’

Information technology can help organizations focused on serving their customers by relentlessly collecting and analyzing information about them and using it to deliver what buyers want. What attracts them to your company? What retains their loyalty? What causes them to leave?

Are they visionaries or lunatics?

Will you become one of the next business visionaries in 2012? If not, be careful not to be blindsided by those who do.

Conquering competitors in a choice-driven world

Only by demonstrating that you’re different, but not too different, will you overcome the growing threat of the tyranny of choice.

Tech lessons from the Industrial Revolution

The Information Revolution has unfolded in a way similar to the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th- and early 19th century. Our technology age is now at the same point the Industrial Revolution was in the early 1820s.

Successful ideas focus on speed, convenience, cost

Many solutions don’t depend on high-tech breakthroughs and most “original” ideas aren’t completely original.

Customers are not equally important

Why should Hudson Valley organizations determine who their most important customers are?

Is your business a theater and your customer center stage?

Hudson Valley businesses must become theaters and make customers the stars of their shows.

Empower, praise and get out of their way!

Creating lasting change is the art and science of empowering others to get the job done.

Reach objectives through activity-based goals

In most organizations, we “manage by objective,” but the vast majority of our objectives are really activity-based goals.

Why businesses must be different and how

The consumer has so many good alternatives that the only way to win their business is to present your uniqueness.

Can technology satisfy customers and keep them loyal?

With the right use of technology you can compete globally, regardless of size, create the image of and be known as an expert in your field and deepen relationships and build lasting trust by using social media.

How to capitalize on all innovation

Hudson Valley organizations can learn how Steve Jobs capitalizes on different opportunities that continuous innovation sets the stage for.