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Marketing your uniqueness and why it matters

Are you looking for something that separates you from your competitors?

Should I train, motivate or fire?

Creative motivational solutions often mandate we connect short-term benefits with long-term pain.

Challenging times demand clear communication

Thriving in business depends on the ability to adapt to fast-changing and unforgiving circumstances. The need for good communication is one of those things that Hudson Valley organizations talk about, but few really practice with skill and consistency.

Do one thing better or die!

Successful Hudson Valley businesses build unstoppable strategy based on their own unique strengths and business relationships. They anchor their visions in the reality of their distinctive capabilities. What one thing can you claim that your competitors can’t?

Human capital, on and off line

What does the concept of “human capital” mean to Hudson Valley organizations? Do you believe in “people power” that people, not technology, machinery, equipment,...

Timeless lessons from Jack Welch

Fortune magazine once hailed General Electric as the "most admired company in America." In Fortune's words, Chairman Jack Welch "has rewritten the book on...

Every act is a marketing act

Everything your business does either helps or hurts your marketing efforts.

Building up your bottom line

Find out what your customer needs, then deliver it. Don't worry about how much you can make on the sale.

Skillful confrontation can increase productivity

How do Hudson Valley organizations resolve missed deadlines, unkept commitments, unmet expectations, and rude or disrespectful behavior?

Hire the best, encourage challenge and failure

Since its founding, Microsoft has grown from an idea of two friends in college to the company with one of the world’s highest market values.

Live with dissent or die without innovation

The typical Hudson Valley business owner or manager may be using four common “efficiency-boosting activities” that inadvertently kill innovation. Failure to encourage innovation will have your competitors leaving you in their dust.

Without engagement, Internet marketing is useless

The customer has taken charge and will no longer stand for having products and services shoved on them. Information access has put the customer in the “driver’s seat” never to be successfully “push” marketed to again.

Power of the brainstorm

The people at IDEO aren’t big fans of focus groups. They go to the source, talking to the people using the product or service.

Why should your customer buy from you?

Every communication of Hudson Valley organizations should address customer needs, giving them a feeling of happiness and hope.

Keep the customer first

At Southwest Airlines, the “family” approach to customer service and a strong emphasis on culture clearly get results.