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Visualization can help achieve your goals

What’s the single biggest thing you can imagine that will grow your business?

Engaged people, the only sustainable advantage

Wouldn’t we all like to enjoy higher productivity, greater customer satisfaction, faster time to market and more rapid innovation?

Column: Predictive thinking, hiding in the data

Most of us, whether as voters, consumers, managers or investors believe that valuable knowledge is concentrated in very few hands.

Column: Labor crisis and creative destruction

There is an emerging labor crisis and by acting now you can gain a long term advantage by having the best people.

Profit with multiple customer-service levels

After extensive research, Budget Rent-a-Car found that 5 percent of its New York customers cause half of the company’s accidents that result in damage...

Column: Eliminate sacrifice, increase rewards

Rewards, such as convenience, always generate positive emotions. Sacrifice creates negative emotional experiences and always decrease value.

Column: Avoiding future disasters

What are some of the pending disasters we are facing right now?

Column: Will competitors blindside you too?

Stay relevant and recognize that, yes, you do have competition out there.

Column: Technology is your biggest threat

Proper use of information technology can help you understand which products and services are in demand, when they will be needed and how to be competitive.

Column: Vision attracts the best people

Having a vision for your company will help attract the best customers, employees and stockholders to your company.

Don’t rely on averages

To maximize market potential, recognize customer differences and work to meet their needs, provided you can satisfy them and still profit

What customer segment can you serve best?

Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher knew the company was in trouble when his sister-in-law raved that she had received magnificent service on a Southwest flight. He asked how many people were on-board. Two pilots, three flight attendants…and his sister-in-law. After 18 months of operation, the airline had lost more than $5 million.

Making the 80/20 Rule work for you

Understanding the 80/20 Rule isn’t difficult, but getting yourself and your organization to use it in order to enjoy lasting prosperity is.

Effectiveness trumps efficiency

Measuring the efficiency of a business is very different than measuring its effectiveness.

Influence: the most powerful force

To compete successfully, organizations need marketing, advertising, public relations, promotions, Internet and social media strategies – but they also need to connect with those who can influence mass decision-making in others.