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New Medicaid Eligibility Rules Make Asset Protection Planning an Urgent Need!

For the longest time New Yorkers were eligible for Medicaid home care services without worrying about the five (5) year look back period for non-exempt asset transfers which is imposed for Medicaid nursing home eligibility.

Pandemics and Planning: Lessons Learned!

The Covid 19 Pandemic caused an unprecedented disruption to life in America and in hundreds of countries worldwide. As with every crisis there are...

Understanding the difference between Medicare and Medicaid

It is not uncommon to believe that long-term home care and nursing home costs are covered by one’s Medicare coverage.

Why the Secure Act of 2019 May Not Make You Feel...

The passage of the “Setting Every Community up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act of 2019” effective January 1, 2020 made a number of significant changes relevant to IRA’s, 401(K)’s and other qualified retirement benefits.

Anthony Enea: Simplifying the conveyance of a second home in another...

As the approximately 65 million surviving members of the baby boomer generation retire, it is not unusual for them to own homes in multiple states.

Anthony J. Enea: Tax reform and the importance of long-term care...

The new law allows the heirs and beneficiaries of the decedent to receive the property inherited at its fair market value on date of death, thus being able to avoid capital gains taxes unless the property or assets are sold for more than their date-of-death fair market value.

Protecting your loved ones and friends from elder abuse

All too often the roots of elder abuse are to be found in a senior being dependent either emotionally or physically on the alleged abuser.

Peter Falk’s Law designed to protect Alzheimer’s and dementia patients

Peter Falk’s Law is intended to ensure that children from a previous marriage, as well as other family members, are not denied the right to visit their incapacitated parent or loved one.