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CT’s economy rose by 3.3 percent in the 3rd quarter of...

Connecticut's gross domestic product growth, which was the 21st highest in the nation, was led by the finance and insurance sectors, which recorded an increase of 0.64 percent.

Lembo: CT could end FY 2019 (slightly) in the black

“It is still very early in the fiscal year and so the state should only rely cautiously on these positive early indicators,” Comptroller Kevin Lembo wrote.

CBIA debuts ‘Fix Connecticut’ campaign aimed at lawmakers

“Opinion polls consistently show that taxes, jobs and the economy are the top issues for people in our state,” said CBIA President and CEO Joe Brennan.

Bank exec John Traynor on state economy: ‘We need higher-paying jobs’

“Since February 1989, the state of Connecticut has added 5,800 jobs,” he continued. “Not 5,800 per quarter, not 5,800 per year – 5,800 total. That’s incredible. We are dead last.”

New advocacy group seeks to strengthen Connecticut economy

Campaign for Tomorrow's Jobs aims at private and public sector input.

Firms don’t bolt when gun laws tighten, study shows

UConn economists say there is no correlation between the number of gun manufacturers in each state and the restrictiveness of a state’s gun laws.