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Conn. lawmakers give thumbs-down to Trumpcare


  1. ‘Mr. Zimmerman, I assume your commentary is factually accurate. My personal dismay relates to the facts cited by the Ds and the Rs rather than seeking a compromise. The “swamp” is full of boys and girls masquerading as Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators of both genders. In addition, to hear a Congresswoman calling our President a – – – – – – -puts it all in perspective. Now I read comments where my Senators from CT are calling our President names.
    The only way we can stop this ridiculous commentary is by you and your colleagues insisting these men and women act responsibly and in a fashion setting an example for our children. Mr. Zimmerman you need to demonstrate leadership and encourage the media to support our President/Commander-in-Chief. I look forward to reading future commentaries.


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