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More funding announced for electric car charging stations

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection recently announced another round of funding is available for cities and state agencies to promote electric vehicle use.

Funding is now available for a minimum of 20 new electric vehicle charging stations through EV Connecticut, an initiative to increase the availability of charging stations in the state. The initiative’s goal is to put 3.3 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025.

In an Oct. 6 press release announcing the funding round, DEEP Commissioner Robert J. Klee said the department may cover all project costs for charging stations available to the public at no cost, 24/7. Other cost sharing options are available for municipalities and agencies that do not qualify for full reimbursement.

Two electric vehicle charging stations were recently installed at Norwalk Community College’s West Campus A-Wing parking lot, according to It’s Relevant, a local video news website. There are five other charging stations in the city, with three more planned.

“This is really (the) centerpiece for NCC,” college President David Levinson told It’s Relevant. “It reflects our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025.” He said the college is taking steps to integrate green practices into its academic mission.

Klee said in the announcement that electric cars will put Connecticut “on a path toward greater energy independence.”



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