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Plans for Bradford Road apartments revived in Mount Vernon


  1. This project is being represented by a disgraced former Mount Vernon Councilman who was recently fired from his Executive Director position at the NRHA due to accounting errors. NRP is a leading developer of Affordable Housing not market rate nor luxury and the City of Mount Vernon can no longer afford PILOT programs for housing complexes. The local economy they speak of benefitting will be Pelham not Mount Vernon and the transit they will use will be the Pelham Train Station. NRP has also been linked to funding excessive amounts of money to Gov Cuomo’s campaign and are currently lost their legal battle in Buffalo. The Mount Vernon City Council did not consider this a NEW application, which denied the City of revenue from the application process, just an extension of the WP one which should have been considered null and void but this is Mount Vernon’s administration doing what it does best, irresponsibility !

  2. NRP’s development at this location will put the health of its future residents at risk. Soil testing performed for WP East revealed that five toxic metals are present in concentrations in excess of NYS DEC limits for unrestricted use. These include mercury, nickel, zinc and copper. Also present is lead at 5 times the allowable limit. DEC regulations call for remediation at these levels of contamination. No such remediation plan has been proposed by NRP.

    Although aware of these environmental circumstances, the City Council, in its dubious role as lead agency, determined that no further environmental review is necessary and refused to reopen the SEQRA process for this revised project. 

  3. I attended the MV IDA meeting at which NRP presented its plans for this development. It was deceptive to say the least. I’d also attended meetings of the city’s various boards when WP East was trying to push through their own plans, and WP East’s reps said the residents would be provided jitney service to the Pelham Metro North station, not to any of the Mount Vernon stations.
    As for this residential development hugely benefiting the city of Mount Vernon with the residents spending more than a million dollars locally, the word “locally” is referring to Pelham, which is only a few minutes drive and about a ten minutes walk. Same with the estimate of sales taxes generated – those taxes will benefit Pelham.
    NRP stands to benefit from millions of dollars in income from this property, so there should be no PILOT. NRP and its residents will benefit from services provided by the city of Mount Vernon, but will not be paying for any.

  4. For the past two years this property has been sitting empty. Its slowly being vandalized.
    What do you think should happen with this property??
    It was used for Light industrial & Offices for all of its life. Those tenants or buyers aren’t interested in this property anymore
    Do you want a industrial use again ?? or just let it sit empty.

    • Mr Blackstone you obviously are unaware the the City Council recently did a walk through of 1 Bradford Road and remarked at a City Council meeting that the property was in considerably good shape, no vandalism was reported. You also are unaware that the reason no one is looking at the property is that certain promoters/developers aligned with City Council marketed the property for housing, affordable that is, after the “esteemed” ZBA rezoned it for housing. A new owner should have to keep within the current footprint of the property with out destroying the trees, landscape and the surrounding neighborhood. Mount Vernon does not need any more housing, it needs commerce. And yes, 20 year PILOT being requested for this unwanted unnecessary project…

  5. I lived on Bradford Road for over 50 years. This is a horrible decision. It’s not going to improve the area! Mount Vernon used to be a wonderful place to live! Just as the other commenters have stated, this is going to help Pelham NOT Mount Vernon!! Past and present officials in charge of the city have done NOTHING to improve the community! They allowed the neighborhood to have gangs move in, they’ve allowed the area to be run down. Every summer, when the pool opens, there’s chaos. The public using the park and pool are slobs throwing garbage on residents’ lawns, in front of their homes, vandalizing resident’s cars, houses, etc.. the police do nothing but sit in the park and chat up the girls. I had to call the police numerous times because of young children being on the Metro North railroad tracks throwing rocks down on my cars, pets, and breaking my home’s windows!! Let’s see how long the people moving into this “affordable” apartment will put up with it!! A studio going for $1,700!!!!! I loved Westchester — but I had to move to Mahwah NJ to be able to afford a one bedroom at $1,375.00 in a QUIET beautiful area! I miss my childhood home, but I’m happy I no longer have to live where I had to worry about being robbed or killed.
    Mount Vernon government officials never change! Stop the majority of good people from leaving the city!! Don’t you want people to live a lifetime there?? Again, all they want to do is perpetuate the idea of sports’ complexes or rap music as being the answer to fixing the problems in Mount Vernon. They’ve been whining about fixing the city for all of my life — 58 YEARS!! Why can’t Mount Vernon be a JEWEL in Westchester??? They should just level the building, clean up the land, and enlarge the park so it’s a place where people from all over can enjoy it. I always thought the best time there was in the winter — no crowds, the park was beautiful to walk though.


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