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Andi Gray: Finding talent a big job for most businesses today

My state is under 3% unemployment. It seems like few in that remaining 3% are Andi Graytrying to work. Hiring has been an obstacle. Without additional qualified employees who are committed to working hard and getting ahead, as a business we’re going to get stalled. We don’t need a lot of employees, but we need good ones. Where should we go to find them?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Low unemployment is one of today’s big challenges for most business owners. Make sure your company is offering competitive wages and other opportunities that make it an attractive option. Widely publicize the fact that the company is looking for talented personnel. Learn about applying for visas to bring in talent from other countries. Build training programs to grow talent internally. Consider doing acquisitions to pick up the talent you need.

Finding talent and having a ready bench of applicants is now a big job for most companies. People aren’t lining up at the door. Which means companies have to hone their recruiting skills and make sure they are competitive as employers.

Employee candidates are checking out your competitors. You should do the same. Find out what other employers in your area are offering for wages, benefits, growth opportunities and work environment. Look at other businesses that do what you do to find out what kinds of comparable jobs are available. Keep in mind that many employees are considering career switches if it gets them something better.

Attend to securing your current workforce in addition to focusing on recruiting. Every employee who is thinking about leaving represents another position to fill that will negatively impact productivity until the slot is filled.

Take a critical look at what else your company can do to look attractive. Build job descriptions that have purpose. Get to know employees on a personal level. Talk about how their personal interests relate to the company and their job. Always be selling the advantages and benefits of working for your company.

Build a community by hosting barbecues and family fun days for all employees. Help employees build bonds with each other through social and educational events. Give the company and its employees a mission to pursue what is meaningful. Show your employees that you’re engaged and care about what happens to everyone who works for you.

For some companies, especially those with seasonal work and STEM applications, visas may be a solution. There are visas available, albeit in limited supply, for performers, athletes and artists, temporary agricultural and non-agricultural workers, people seeking specialized training here and people who already possess high degrees of specialized training such as doctors and scientists. Find an attorney who specializes in working with visa programs to advise you.

Bring people in at an entry level and train them. After all, every year, people complete their education, graduating from high school, technical school, 2-year, 4-year and advanced degree programs. Show entry-level candidates how to make the transition from school to work as they learn about your business.

Build training programs to move people up in your organization, giving them opportunities to increase pay and authority, as they build skills and add responsibilities. Keep people from looking elsewhere for opportunity by showing them how they can achieve their goals within your company.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to acquire other businesses that bring with them a talented workforce. Not only do you pick up additional customers and products or services to sell, but you also bring on board employees to do the work. Focus on work that best fits your business model, and culture that fits with your company’s norms.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “Hiring in a Low Unemployment Economy: 20 Minutes to Great Job Applicants” by Matthew Sorensen.

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