Home Banking & Finance Former White Plains and Mt. Kisco Nissan dealerships on hook for $40.2M...

Former White Plains and Mt. Kisco Nissan dealerships on hook for $40.2M judgment


  1. Ask Gary Flom and his side kick Yuri how they drove a shoe business into the ground prior to his stint in the automotive industry. Past always dictates the future. Corruption, poor ethics and recklessness always played a role in all his business failings. This man is garbage, he destroyed many young ladies lives while making his way to the top. Karmas a bitch and the second trophy wife will find this out too. This is not a man with a strong moral obligation to anyone or anything, including his businesses, although he is a master of the disguise of goodness.

  2. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Flom. What he did to Ford Motor Company and Chase Bank was appalling. He took these banks for over 100 million dollars, illegally sold Land Rovers overseas and was generally a gigantic POS. As a Marine I always felt Flom was a disgrace to our Uniform. How did he get into the Marines with half a finger missing? I’m amazed that he and his Controller Joyce Hervitz are not in jail. I hope they took his passport, since he took MILLIONS of stolen dollars and built a home in the South of France.


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