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Guiding the debate

An economist weighs in on where businesses concur with the governor’s budget; and where more can be done.

Looking for signs of hope

Connecticut’s business community remains hopeful of a near-term recovery, but concerns are growing.

Streamline state government in Connecticut

State spending must be reduced to ease the burden on taxpayers, streamline how state government works and drive economic growth in Connecticut.

Business confidence in Connecticut is still lacking

Connecticut’s economy is struggling, but that could change if state lawmakers do the right thing by rejecting anti-business, anti-jobs proposals and approve others that will help our economy grow again.

In Connecticut, nonprofits hold key to state budget savings

Connecticut can cut spending and keep providing services people need by carefully expanding the use of qualified nonprofit health and human services providers that deliver quality programs and services at less cost.

Get the state’s fiscal house in order

Confidence in state government to budget wisely and to effectively manage its finances will encourage businesses to create jobs and increase their investments in Connecticut.

Job growth needed to drive recovery

While Connecticut’s economy has been gradually improving since June 2009, job growth in the state has been excruciatingly slow.

Connecticut must reform retiree benefits

On top of the state’s budget gap of $3.7 billion for fiscal year 2012, Connecticut’s unfunded liabilities of $70 billion represent the worst per capita debt load in the nation.

Outlook: Glacially slow growth

Since the Great Depression, the growth has been and will continue to be glacially slow.

Bills coming due for Connecticut taxpayers

Debate about the state budget has to focus on making government more affordable and more effective.

Economic recovery continues slowly in Connecticut, U.S.

Economic recovery is continuing in Connecticut but has yet to become the self-sustaining turnaround many experts projected.

Guest View

In Connecticut, economic challenges continue amid recovery.

State needs new budgeting approach

CBIA economist Pete Gioia suggests five ways to make state government more efficient and cost-effective.

Connecticut must rebalance health care

Changing the state’s approach to long-term health care could save hundreds of millions of dollars a year.