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High-tech courtroom up and running in Westchester Supreme Court



Westchester Supreme Court has outfitted a courtroom with the latest audio-visual technologies to enhance the presentation of evidence in complex commercial cases.

high-tech courtroomAttorneys can present evidence more effectively, according to a news release from the state Unified Court System, and judges and jurors can follow the presentations more closely on computer monitors positioned in front of them.

The technology is expected to quicken the progress of cases.

The equipment has been installed in the court’s commercial division in the White Plains county courthouse, where complex business disputes are heard.

The technology includes advanced audio-recording equipment, audio-visual conferencing, instant voice-to-text transcriptions, acoustical features that ensure proper sound levels, assistive-listening aids for the hearing-impaired, wireless internet for everyone and secure Wi-Fi access for laptops and tablets issued to judges.

Attorneys can display physical and electronic evidence and witnesses can annotate the evidence.

The same integrated courtroom technology was installed last year in Yonkers Family Court.

The equipment and installation cost $55,000.

The Westchester County Bar Association will sponsor a class on using the technology on Jan. 18.

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