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Westmed to move headquarters to 800 Westchester Ave.

The Westmed Medical Group, a multispecialty medical practice that has 13 locations in Westchester and Fairfield counties, is moving its corporate headquarters from 2700 Westchester Ave. in Purchase to 800 Westchester Ave. in Rye Brook. It expects to complete the move in August.

800 Westchester Ave.

RPW Group owns 800 Westchester Ave. The building was originally opened in 1983 as the headquarters for General Foods. The real estate group headed by Robert Weisz acquired the building more than 15 years ago and has repositioned and modernized it, bringing in a variety of tenants.

Anthony Viceroy, Westmed’s CEO, said, “We are excited to relocate Westmed’s headquarters to 800 Westchester Avenue, where we believe the amenities, services and space are aligned with the evolution and growth of our business.”

The company is expected to have more than 90 employees at the new location. Westmed will be occupying 25,000 square feet of space, which will have training rooms and suites, access to a private rooftop patio and open concept workspace. Renovations to prepare the space are underway.

Westmed has approximately 500 physicians and advanced care providers and 1,500 clinical employees.

The organization issued a statement saying, “At Westmed, health care is a team effort. We believe that the high-quality care we deliver, along with the convenience of our full-service medical facilities, creates a superior patient experience, fosters better communication, yields more effective treatment plans, and ultimately produces improved health for the patients and communities we serve. Together, our team is committed to being a partner to patients in their comprehensive, lifelong care.”




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