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Stamford’s Nielsen-Kellerman acquires weather tech firm

Nielsen-Kellerman Co., a designer and manufacturer of premium environmental and athletic performance measurement instruments based in Stamford, has acquired Ambient Weather for an undisclosed amount.

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Ambient Weather designs and markets weather stations and environmental monitoring instruments. In addition, it hosts a cloud-based weather platform to provide users with real-time conditions and a repository of historical weather data for personal and professional use.

Its suite of products and services allows users to set weather email and text alerts for their phone, tablet or desktop through a number of platforms.

Nielsen-Kellerman’s “Kestrel” line of products measure local environmental conditions and perform end market-specific calculations that are used in a variety of end markets.

“The addition of Ambient Weather to the Kestrel Instruments brand will bring fixed weather stations and a cloud-based weather platform to Kestrel’s position as a market leader in handheld weather instruments for numerous consumer and industrial applications,” said Nielsen-Kellerman CEO Alix James.

Nielsen-Kellerman is a portfolio company of Clearview Capital Fund III.


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