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CEO shake-up at Booking.com


Booking Holdings of Norwalk has announced that Booking.com CEO Gillian Tans has been appointed to the role of chairwoman, a newly created position, and Glenn Fogel has taken on her CEO job in addition to maintaining his position as president and CEO of the parent company.


Tans was appointed CEO of Booking.com in 2016, having previously served for five years as Booking.com’s president and chief operating officer. Fogel took on his leadership roles at Booking Holdings in January 2017 after serving as head of worldwide strategy and planning from November 2010 to December 2016.


“Gillian has led Booking.com through a period of global growth and product and operational expansion, and we look forward to continuing to work with her in her new role of chairwoman,” Fogel said. “Booking.com has become an industry leader with more than 17,500 employees across more than 190 offices all over the world who serve Booking.com’s growing base of global customers and partners. Gillian has made invaluable contributions to this success and has been a passionate advocate for Booking.com’s entrepreneurial culture and values during her 17 years with the company.”

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