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Residential subdivision on 27 acres approved by Newtown

Newtown’s Planning & Zoning Commission has unanimously approved construction of a residential subdivision, consisting of eight single-family houses on 27 acres, at 57 Castle Meadow Road in the village of Hattertown.

Developer MD57 Castle Meadow LLC had originally proposed a nine-lot subdivision on 29.2 acres at the site, also known as Sunset Ridge. The town insisted that a sufficient amount of open space for the public be established, in accordance with local regulations mandating that at least 15 percent of a subdivision site be so designated.

The new proposal eliminated 2.2 acres from the proposed subdivision and sets aside 4.6 acres of open space.

The P&Z has also asked MD57 to provide a $202,500 performance bond for such particulars as road construction and the installation of a 30,000-gallon underground tank to hold water for firefighting.


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