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Purdue Pharma pulls plug on marketing opioids in Canada

Purdue Pharma will no longer market its opiate-based products in Canada, partially due to that nation’s government asking drug makers to suspend all marketing and advertising of opioids.

The embattled Stamford company, along with other drug manufacturers, continues to face a seemingly ever-growing number of lawsuits filed against it by cities and states for promoting the likes of OxyContin. The plaintiffs maintain that such activity has contributed to an opioid addiction crisis that has cost thousands of lives and millions of dollars.

In a letter posted on its website, David Pidduck, CEO of Purdue’s Canadian operation, wrote, “While we have taken this action, we remain steadfast in our belief that Canadian prescribers require the most recent information, including on the most current guidelines, to ensure their patients are treated appropriately.

“Going forward,” Pidduck continued, “requests for information about our opioid products from health care professionals will be addressed reactively through direct communication with the experienced health care professionals in our Medical Affairs department.”

In February, Purdue announced it would stop marketing its prescription painkillers in the U.S.


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