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Thalle Industries and the Pacchiana Family

Dear Westchester Business Community:

Thalle Industries and the Pacchiana Family have been committed to integrity, community service and our employees’ welfare since our family founded Thalle Construction in 1947.

Our commitment to integrity began with founder Guido Pacchiana’s insistence that his business would be grounded in honesty and good faith. Succeeded by his son George, and today, 74 years later, led by grandson Glenn Pacchiana, Thalle continues to be guided by those founding principles.

George Pacchiana

Our employees are Thalle’s most important asset. They are “Rock Stars” providing rocks, asphalt, and recycled products to the community. We make any product for any customer and treat our clients as we would like to be treated. The result has been seven-plus decades of success.

Our dedication to community service was tested over the past year and a half by the Covid-19 pandemic when our industry was deemed an essential service. As the largest recycler of aggregate and asphalt products in Westchester County, Thalle Industries kept its doors open while protecting our workers. We met with employees weekly to assure they had protective gear and to discuss strategies for staying safe. And thankfully, in 2020, the height of the pandemic, none of our 50 employees contracted Covid-19.

Concern for our community extends beyond our workforce. Our family and our companies have a proud tradition of providing both time and financial support to community not-for-profits and service organizations as well as local, state, business and industry organizations. We are pleased to play an active role in the Business Council of Westchester, the Construction Industry Council, Westchester Parks Foundation and the New York League of Conservation Voters and support many not-for-profits including Scenic Hudson, the Hudson Highlands Land Trust, the Fresh Air Fund and Groundwork Hudson Valley.

Glenn Pacchiana

We take particular pride in our commitment to sound environmental practices. These ongoing efforts have been recognized with a Community Hero Award from Groundwork Hudson Valley; an Environmental Beautification Award from the New York State Nursery and Landscape Association; and a Best Green Friend Award from the Westchester Parks Foundation.

Our quarry in Fishkill is the only one in New York State where land is reclaimed as the mining advances, thanks to our innovative, environmentally friendly reclamation program. In fact, Thalle Industries and the quarry were nominated by the State Department of Environmental Conservation and received the prestigious Outreach Award from the National Association of State Land Reclamationists in recognition of our extensive reclamation and innovative quarrying practices.

Our public projects have included the Hudson River Shoreline Stabilization for Metro-North Railroad, Irvington Waterfront Park, The Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Redevelopment and Scenic Hudson’s Long Dock Park in Beacon, New York. Safeguarding the health of our children and our neighbors who commute is not a business strategy — it’s the right thing to do.

At Thalle Industries, our commitment to our business, our employees and our community are an integral part of our DNA. As a family owned and operated business, we know that keeping each of these elements front and center have and continue to equal service and success.



The Pacchiana Family,
George, Gloria and Glenn


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