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Focus on finding and keeping employees

With some employers finding it increasingly hard to attract and keep employees in a job market where, according to a fourth quarter 2022 office market report from Cushman & Wakefield, “In Westchester County, the unemployment rate contracted 100 bps since this time one year ago, averaging 2.6% in the fourth quarter – the lowest on record.”

Nationally, unemployment for December came in at 3.5%, while it was 4.2% in Connecticut and 4.3% in New York state.

Against that background, The Business Council of Westchester (BCW) is launching a new program called “Talent Tuesday: The New Rules of Attraction — Finding, Cultivating and Keeping Talent.”

Marsha Gordon.

“Through these expert panel discussions, we are delivering to area employers an updated toolkit of strategies and techniques for enticing more skilled individuals to view Westchester County as a location-of choice for finding long-term, meaningful employment,” said Marsha Gordon, BCW’s president and CEO.

The first of five panel discussions is scheduled for March 21, featuring national and global executive search and human resources leaders discussing what it takes to attract talent in today’s challenging hiring environment.

The panel discussions are due to take place virtually.

The April 18 event is planned to have industry experts will discuss the best practices top employers are using to ensure their organizations are putting their best feet forward to win the talent attraction marathon rather than stumbling before the race even begins.

On May 2, industry experts discuss the evolutionary changes currently underway that are moving employee benefits and cultivation programs away from a cookie-cutter approach and towards a custom-tailored menu of alluring options reflecting today’s work-life balance lifestyle.

The May 30 discussion is set to focus on connecting with the people and partners offering access, advice and assistance when expanding a search for talent by tapping into a far-wider labor pool hidden just below the surface.

The issues surrounding whether to work at home, the office or both is set to come up for discussion on June 20.

BCW’s Talent Tuesday graphic.

BCW has declared 2023 as “The Year of Talent” and is conducting a three-prong marketplace strategy of examination, education and engagement. It has set up a special website that explores various aspects of employment and headhunting, WestchesterWantsYou.com. Sponsors of the series include: Thalle Industries, Balancing Life’s Issues, Simone Development Companies and Westchester County.



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