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Robert G. Brody: CT employers are prohibited from asking prospective employees...

Since Jan. 1, 2019, Connecticut has prohibited employers from asking prospective employees about their past wages or the value of other types of compensation...

Study: Gap widens between Hudson Valley wages and rents

"The bottom line is that rents are simply unaffordable for the people we count on every day," said Joe Czajka of the Center for Housing Solutions.

Margaret Sheahan: White-collar overtime rules

How should Connecticut employers react to the proposed new federal rules on white-collar overtime exemptions?Not with panic, but not with a yawn, either.

Labor and employment law tips for a family business opening its...

Family businesses make up the fabric of the U.S. economy. From a labor and employment law perspective, family businesses face a unique set of challenges and considerations.

Connecticut low-wage workers experienced post-recession stagnation

Further complicating matters were the wage disparities based on race and gender, according to a new report.

Fairfield County posts wage loss but employment gain

The average weekly wage in Fairfield County was still the nation’s eighth-highest.

Fairfield wage earners among top 5

Workers earned $1,878 per week on average.

DOL recovers $6.5M in wages

Wage enforcement efforts increase 18 percent.

Report: Wage gap widens

Connecticut’s wage gap has grown since the recession and recovery, according to a new study.