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Yale Divinity School to break ground for sustainably designed residence hall

The project is the first LBC living certified structure at any college or university in Connecticut.

Rep. Molinaro introduces bill focused on soil conservation and agricultural sustainability

The new bill creates a program incentivizing the creation of peer-to-peer conservation education and training networks.

PepsiCo and Walmart team on $120M sustainable agriculture endeavor

The companies seek to expand regenerative agriculture practices on more than 2 million acres of farmland.

What’s next for New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson?

"I think Sustainable Westchester is among the most important and impactful organizations in the region," Bramson said.

Sustainability helps sustain KG+D’s success

The Mount Kisco-based architecture firm KG+D, which is well-known for its school and municipal building designs throughout the Hudson Valley and in Fairfield County...

New chief sustainability officer at Stamford’s Altus Power

Sophia Lee is also the chief legal officer.

Goodyear previews tire made from 90% sustainable materials

The company is aiming for a 100% sustainable tire by 2030.

Regional hotels plug into sustainability with EV chargers

Last June, Daphne Dixon set out from Fairfield on a cross-country road trip in a Mustang Mach-E. The dark electric vehicle (EV) muscle car...

IBM’s new LinuxOne servers offer scalability and sustainability

The new system also features pervasive encryption to protect data at-rest and in-flight.

Ellen Jackowski named chief sustainability officer at Mastercard

She he was chief impact officer and head of sustainable impact at HP.

Norwalk’s Ranger Ready Repellents debuts product refill option

The new offering is designed to encourage sustainability.

Edgewell debuts sustainable Schick Bamboo Hybrid Razors

The razors have three-flexible blades made with 75% recycled steel.

Norwalk’s Brad Kerner: From ‘Eco Dude’ to entrepreneur

"I didn 't want to be a boutique, " Kerner said.

Jessica Paschkes encourages soapy sustainability with startup Refillery

Chappaqua resident Jessica Paschkes’ entrepreneurial endeavor Refillery has found a niche as Westchester's first zero-waste pop-up business.

Sustainability priorities can usher in new business opportunities, strategies

As major asset managers and influential shareholders push the issue of environmental sustainability, companies will have to move beyond rhetoric to action, which could prove to be a watershed moment for businesses and corporations on a national and local scale.