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CT’s manufacturing czar Colin Cooper doubles down on optimistic outlook

“The consensus out there – before the pandemic and now – is that there are three top problems: Workforce development, workforce development, and workforce development,” declares Colin Cooper.

Newtowner brings the heat with A-Listers Cigar Club

“They’re like a fine liquor – it takes time to make a really good, premium cigar,” says Bill Webb. "I consider them to be jewels."

DeLauro: Sikorsky in line for billions if Congress passes National Defense...

The White House has indicated it will likely veto the bill if it includes limitations on toxic chemicals found in firefighting foam and other products.

Sikorsky receives $9.7M contract for MH-60 naval helicopter support

The MH-60 Sierra is a multimission helicopter that is dispatched by the U.S. Navy for various operations.

Lockheed CFO: commercial sales at Sikorsky likely to stay flat

“Sikorsky's revenue is probably a little lower than we had expected when we acquired it,” said CFO Bruce Tanner.

Lockheed Martin seeks $212M from Pentagon for Sikorsky acquisition

Lockheed spokesman William Phelps said the company is continuing to “have productive meetings with the government."

Sikorsky Aircraft workers approve five-year contract

The Teamsters Local 1150 members based at Sikorsky operations in Connecticut, Florida and Maryland ratified the contract in a 2,235 to 66 vote.

All in the family: Three generations helm Shelton industrial painting firm

Prestige Industrial Finishing Co. has 25 employees, eight of whom belong to the same family.

FAA orders emergency inspections of Sikorsky S-92 helicopters

Sikorsky S-92 helicopters must undergo inspections for every 10 hours in service.

Congress cutting funds for Sikorsky helicopters

The Dept. of Defense can buy 36 Black Hawks next year, down from 107 this year.

Development driving impressive growth in Shelton

“The die has been cast to reverse a very negative trend," according to Mayor Mark Lauretti.

Teamsters approve Sikorsky deal by wide margin

Teamsters Local 1150 overwhelmingly approved an agreement that will keep Sikorsky Aircraft in Connecticut despite a provision cutting starting hourly rates for workers by mid-2017.

State swings deal to keep and grow Sikorsky through at least...

Connecticut is providing financial incentives totaling up to $220 million over the term of the agreement.

Layoffs at Sikorsky Aircraft imminent

An unspecified number of Sikorsky employees face unemployment by late August.

Sikorsky wins contract for 29 helicopters

Sikorsky Aircraft of Stratford has won a modification contract from the U.S. Army to deliver 29 MH-60R helicopters worth $354.2 million.