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Sacred Heart University students volunteer at American Indian reservation

"The poverty is worse than most Third World countries," said Sacred Heart University's Jody Bortone about the South Dakota reservation.

Sacred Heart U. gets into the coworking business

The 11,000-square-foot space will offer various levels of memberships and services.

SHU in partnership to provide computer science education to K-12 students

“Part of what we’re doing, from an educational perspective, is to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist,” says Darcy Ronan, assistant professor at SHU’s Isabelle Farrington College of Education.

Sacred Heart University to offer graduate program in I/O psychology

“Any type of organization that has employees can benefit, from a nonprofit to a for-profit business,” said Mary Ignagni, program director and assistant lecturer.

Nobel laureate forecasts the next possible banking crisis

“We are not really communicating monetary policies and politics among countries," said Robert F. Engle. "We are all one world and we have to solve these problems together."

Former Fairfield PD chief joins SHU as public safety exec director

In 2002, MacNamara gained national attention for his work as lead negotiator in a hostage situation at the Fairfield University campus.

Stefanowski holds slim lead over Lamont, says latest SHU poll

The top issues driving voters’ decisions at the poll continue to be the high overall tax burden (17.6 percent), the state budget crisis (17.6 percent) and low economic growth in Connecticut (12.6 percent).

SHU poll finds Stefanowski closing in on Lamont

According to the poll, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont’s lead over Republican opponent Bob Stefanowski has shrunken to 3.4 percentage points, putting the race in a statistical tie.

CT ramping up cybersecurity efforts ahead of election – but will...

“Connecticut is really in very good shape” when it comes to averting cyberattacks, according to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill. However, she added, "There’s no such thing as an utterly safe system."

Fairfield University top regional school in Northeast, says U.S. News

The best school in the country, according to the publication's annual rankings, is Princeton University.

Fairfield ranked 11th in list of ’50 Safest College Towns in...

Fairfield, with a population of just under 62,000, was found to have 0.61 violent crimes per 1,000 people, according to 2016 data provided by the FBI.

Sacred Heart University debuts undergraduate program in hospitality, resort and tourism...

John Chalykoff, dean of the university’s Jack Welch College of Business, stated, "There is a lot of demand and a variety of opportunities in hospitality, which is why we developed this program."

Westchester schools named to best U.S. colleges list

“The fact that these ratings come from students, who after all are the experts, makes them all the more telling," said Cristle Collins Judd, president of Sarah Lawrence College.

SHU to offer undergraduate degree program in cybersecurity

“The program will focus on hands-on learning, with the help of traditional, lecture-based teaching,” said Sacred Heart University Assistant Professor Sajal Bhatia.

SHU to start support group for those who stutter

"A person who stutters is not stuttering because they’re nervous or because of XYZ," said Jill E. Douglass of Sacred Heart University’s Speech Language Pathology Program.