Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Survey: Few Americans plan to delay collecting Social Security

Only 23% of respondents had a written retirement plan.

Vince McMahon retires as WWE’s chief executive

McMahon's retirement statement, issued by the WWE, did not mention his scandal.

Manhattanville College President Geisler to retire

Geisler joined the college in October 2016.

Hall retiring as Mercy president

The president of Mercy College, which has its 66-acre main campus in Dobbs Ferry with additional locations in Manhattan and the Bronx, has announced...

NY and CT among top states recording outbound migration

Most people leaving the states have incomes of $150,000 and higher.

Yale New Haven Health CEO Marna P. Borgstrom to retire in...

"There is never a perfect time to retire," she said.

William D. Winters: Post-pandemic considerations for business owners

The other day, I spoke with a business owner who shared how she tapped into her personal savings, reduced her salary and stopped contributing...

Report: CT could save up to $900 million from 8,000 state...

Based on an employee survey conducted as part of the report, there are more than 8,000 state employees eligible for retirement in 2022, 72% of whom are “seriously considering” retirement.

Study: 1 in 5 delaying retirement due to pandemic

47% expected their taxes to go up significantly in the next four years.

New study cites Connecticut as a best state for retirement, albeit...

Iowa and West Virginia tied for first place, Alaska ranked last.

John Bickham to step down as Charter Communications president at end...

Bickham joined Stamford-based Charter as executive vice president and COO in 2012.

Survey: 35% of seniors willing to risk Covid to keep working

71% of respondents ages 70 and higher expressed concern about Social Security drying up.

New Rochelle’s Commissioner of Development Luiz Aragon to retire

New Rochelle’s Commissioner of Development, Luiz Aragon, who has been recognized as being instrumental in bringing extensive development to the city, is retiring at...

Study: Americans have an average of $17K in savings

South Dakota residents had the highest average savings at $24,497.

Voluntary retirements will save Norwalk $525K annually

The retirements, along with another 37 current and anticipated vacancies, will result in a net headcount reduction of 14 positions, or 5% of the city's non-uniform government workforce.