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Filomena Fanelli: The five key ingredients to hiring a PR agency

When it comes to hiring a PR firm for your business’ needs there are some key ingredients that can better the chances of a good review.

Kate Wark: Top tips for being tip top in a virtual...

Let’s be frank: We are all under an enormous amount of stress and strain these days and working through some, shall we say, unique...

Filomena Fanelli: Is being naïve the biggest competitive advantage of all?

When it’s time to brainstorm that next big idea or build out a marketing or PR initiative, a company may be tempted to look...

Filomena Fanelli: Five don’t-be-a sad-statistic business lessons learned in five years

My firm is celebrating our fifth anniversary in business and I promised myself, not only would I celebrate, I’d share some things I learned – five to be exact.

Filomena Fanelli: Nine for ’19 – Advice on raising your...

Many articles and blog posts advise people on what not to do when it comes to public relations, marketing and social media. Often complete...

Filomena Fanelli: Measuring PR success is no fairytale

Until recently, public relations was generally viewed as the shy, less colorful sibling to the sexy sophisticate known as traditional advertising.

Filomena Fanelli: Five ways to build trust (and your business)

Filomena Fanelli weighs in on five notorious ways that people fail to build trust and how to turn them around.

Filomena Fanelli: Difficult lessons learned from the first four years

It’s bad enough that losing a major client can cause a serious financial hit but it also can be a real sock in the gut to a new business owner.

Filomena Fanelli: Eight paths to better PR in 2018

Filomena Fanelli offers eight strategies you can employ to spread the word about what your business or organization is up to.

Book publicist Meryl Moss turns the page on 25 years in...

Westport-based Meryl Moss Media encompasses public relations strategies for authors, plus the online literary source BookTrib and a self-publishing advisory business.

Mind your social media Ps & Qs

I believe social media etiquette is a practice more people should take seriously. After all, in today’s world, the saying “content is king” rings true.

Ex-Navy SEAL Carl Higbie prepares politicians and companies for their close-ups

Greenwich-based Carl Higbie is at home on both sides of the camera.

Bridgeport agency snags Southington’s Apple Harvest Festival as client

Walsh Public Relations named festival coordinator for popular Central Connecticut event.

County PR veteran sets up shop

After nine years with Thompson & Bender, Frank Pagani hangs his shingle.

Creative Corridor gains momentum

Tired of living in New York City’s shadow, the Fairfield County Public Relations Association relaunched the Connecticut creative corridor initiative, now named C3, at...