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Legislature approves pact to keep Sikorsky in Connecticut for 20 years

Gov. Lamont pledged to sign the bill into law.

Manufacturing poised for progress – but where are the workers?

Sikorsky is an exception to the workforce dilemma, according to its president, Paul Lemmo; the Stratford firm hired about 1,000 people last year and has added another 600 so far in 2021.

Sikorsky Aircraft humming along in Stratford

The company's new president, Paul Lemmo, said: “There’s no comparison with the amount of interaction we have with the governor and the Congressional delegation here. They care about Sikorsky. They’ll call and ask what they can do.”

Sikorsky receives $478.6M contract for presidential helicopters

Half of the production will take place at Sikorsky's Stratford headquarters.

Paul Lemmo to become next president at Sikorsky

Lemmo is currently vice president of integrated warfare systems and sensors.

Engine integration problems with Sikorsky’s CH-53K helicopters are resolved

Teams from Sikorsky and the military have worked since April and conducted more than 30 test events and evaluated 135 potential design solutions.

First Sikorsky combat rescue helicopter enters final assembly

The Stratford manufacturer said the aircraft's first flight should take place at the end of the year, two months ahead of schedule.

Lockheed CFO: commercial sales at Sikorsky likely to stay flat

“Sikorsky's revenue is probably a little lower than we had expected when we acquired it,” said CFO Bruce Tanner.

Lockheed Martin seeks $212M from Pentagon for Sikorsky acquisition

Lockheed spokesman William Phelps said the company is continuing to “have productive meetings with the government."

Defense Department OKs purchase of 200 Sikorsky choppers for Marines

The heavy-lift King Stallion is reportedly one of the most expensive military aircraft vehicles around.

Teamsters approve Sikorsky deal by wide margin

Teamsters Local 1150 overwhelmingly approved an agreement that will keep Sikorsky Aircraft in Connecticut despite a provision cutting starting hourly rates for workers by mid-2017.

State lawmakers approve $220M Sikorsky deal

The deal passed the senate by a senate voting in favor of the deal by a 35-1 vote and the house approving it by a 136-6 tally.

State swings deal to keep and grow Sikorsky through at least...

Connecticut is providing financial incentives totaling up to $220 million over the term of the agreement.

Layoffs at Sikorsky Aircraft imminent

An unspecified number of Sikorsky employees face unemployment by late August.

Sikorsky successfully tests autonomous helicopter flight for DARPA

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, has successfully completed the first phase of an autonomous flight project being developed for DARPA with an autonomous test flight of a commercial helicopter.