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Suite Talk: Filson Thomas, president of Archegos Consulting

"No company ever grows that doesn’t have a good employee development program," said Thomas.

Andi Gray: Maintaining control as the company grows

Controlling things as you grow the company is a challenge for most small-business owners. Build systems, procedures and checklists so you can teach everyone how you want things done.

BRBC names Dan Onofrio as new chief executive

Onofrio, a Derby resident, is a franchise partner in three Rita's Ice franchises in Connecticut.

Susan Herbst to step down as UConn president

Susan Herbst, the first woman to serve as president of the University of Connecticut, announced that she will be leaving the job next year.

Matt Rizzetta: For Mount Vernon, it all starts with leadership

This is not about the mayor’s guilt or innocence. This is about the story of a city so rich with potential, yet so poor with leadership.

New program aims to mold tomorrow’s women business leaders

In her latest endeavor, Jennifer Openshaw is laying the foundation for a new generation of women to succeed in the corporate world.

Column: Is it worth the risk to keep growing?

Businesses are either growing or declining. What you know for today isn’t necessarily sufficient to get you through tomorrow. With growth comes opportunity to get the load off your back. Learn how to hire, train, motivate, manage, reward and hold people accountable.

Column: Building and retaining a company culture

Small business column from Andi Gray.

Stick with the business plan

Growth, profit, stability, predictability, peace of mind – all of these values are necessary for long term success of any business. Do your company’s goals include all of these essential items?

Chamber and Stewart’s team for youth

Stewart’s, known for its roadside hospitality, helps after school.

Learn to delegate in order to grow

Delegation is essential. Entrepreneurs struggle to overcome their basic instincts of pitching in. Generally, people are most highly engaged when they are challenged. Giving up control yields significant rewards for the owner.

Dealing with VUCA in business

Expose your company to VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and help your people grow their ability to embrace change and try new things.

Don’t be an overly forceful entrepreneur

Q: My Achilles heel is that I have a low tolerance for people who don’t quickly get things that seem obvious to me. I...

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