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FuelCell Energy announces ‘amicable’ settlement with South Korean firm

The two companies’ relationship dates back to 2007, when POSCO Energy invested $84 million in FuelCell and acquired the license for its MCFC technology in South Korea.

Danbury’s FuellCell Energy makes deal with U.K. power company

Drax Power Station is the largest single-site renewable power generator in the U.K.

FuelCell Energy completes $35.4 million acquisition; still faces financial troubles

Nasdaq has threatened to delist FuelCell Energy if its stock price fails to reach $1 and stay there for 10 consecutive days by May 28.

Danbury’s FuelCell Energy cuts 135 jobs as losses continue to mount

The swooning company's stock stood at 99 cents on Oct. 16 and closed last night at 28 cents; it has until May 28 to attain and hold at $1 or risk delisting from the Nasdaq.

FuelCell Energy signs $100M construction loan facility

The Danbury firm's stock is still under Nasdaq scrutiny; it has until May 28 to return to the $1 threshold.

FuelCell Energy seeking to up its bottom line, public profile

Not only has the Danbury company been involved with a number of notable deals of late, but one of it senior executives has been named to Gov.-elect Ned Lamont's transition team.

Danbury’s FuelCell Energy acquiring Bridgeport fuel cell park for $36.6M

FuelCell said the transaction is expected to add annual revenue in excess of $15 million per year.

Danbury’s FuelCell Energy signs deals with utilities in Derby, Hartford

The fuel cell project in Derby is expected to drive local economic development and environmental improvement through state sales tax and the local property taxes generated.

FuelCell Energy wins bid to provide green power to state

The Danbury firm will supply 14.8 megawatts of power from its fuel cell facility in Derby and 7.4 megawatts from another in Hartford.

Danbury’s FuelCell Energy gets $1.5M fed grant

The firm will use the funding for hydrogen production research and development that is compatible with nuclear energy sources.

FuelCell Energy posts $47.9M 4th-quarter revenues

"We are well-positioned for delivering projects in 2018 supported by expanding backlog and announced project awards that exceed $1.6 billion," said President and CEO Chip Bottone,

Energy Department criticized for withholding $12M in funds to FuelCell Energy

The members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation are demanding that the U.S. Department of Energy release the remaining $12 million allocated to Danbury-based FuelCell Energy Inc. in 2015.

FuelCell Energy reports another third-quarter loss

The Danbury company also announced a 20-megawatt sale of fuel cells in South Korea; last month it announced a 40-megawatt deal with the Long Island Power Authority.

FuelCell Energy financials take a dive in fourth quarter

Revenues for the period ending Oct. 31, 2016 were $24.5 million, compared to $51.5 million for the comparable period last year.

FuelCell Energy acquires New Britain power plant

The Danbury company laid off 96 workers earlier this month.