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People’s United Advisors, citing recent turmoil, urges wealth management updates

"We view financial planning as a process that goes way beyond just investments," said People's United Advisors' Zuzana K. Brochu.

Anthony J. Enea: Tax reform and the importance of long-term care...

The new law allows the heirs and beneficiaries of the decedent to receive the property inherited at its fair market value on date of death, thus being able to avoid capital gains taxes unless the property or assets are sold for more than their date-of-death fair market value.

Legal impacts of a mobile lifestyle

While it’s simple to buy a plane ticket and have the mail forwarded, legal documents don’t always cross state lines so easily. Differences in state law can have big implications for estate planning and long-term care, Bernard A. Krooks writes.

The state of the estate tax and why planning remains critical

Westport attorney Shelby L. Wilson of Berchem, Moses & Devlin P.C. writes on the federal estate tax and the importance of planning in the wake of the fiscal cliff legislation passed in early January.

Financial planner takes integrated approach

Palisades Hudson Financial Group, which has grown from one person to 21 in 20 years, looks at the big picture when it comes to managing finances.

Death and taxes

With the Bush tax cuts set to expire, individuals need to review their fiscal strategies to avoid steep estate taxes.

Administering Assets

Westchester County’s 11th annual Senior Law Day draws hundreds.