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Trump golf course, wages and single-payer covered at HVDEC/WCA event

“If government makes a significant investment in a project, one of the things we expect is that the workers employed as part of that project are paid a wage that allows them to live as part of the community," said Assemblyman David Buchwald.

Con Edison ban on new gas hookups ignites fear of economic...

Plans by Con Edison for a moratorium on new natural gas connections in Westchester County has raised concern among public officials who fear that...

State earmarks $13.5 million for bus rapid transit between White Plains,...

State and local officials gathered on Wednesday to announce that $13.5 million in state money will be used to expand bus rapid transit from White Plains to Port Chester.

State lawmakers discuss Indian Point, health care at WCA event

Elected officials at the event focused especially on the future of the county's uncertain energy and health care industries.

Cuomo nuclear subsidy set to take effect, but still under scrutiny

The plan, backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, offers a subsidy to keep three upstate nuclear energy plants running.

United Water companies seek merger, rate hike

United Water New Rochelle and United Water Westchester are asking the state's regulatory agency to approve a merger, despite some opposition.