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Fairfield County pols look to revive consumer protection bill; Eversource says no to reimbursements


  1. The reimbursements are part of why Con Ed’s electric rates are so much higher.

    In the long run, consumers are better off with the lower rates.

    • CT consumer’s also pay less than Con Ed customers because CT deosn’t add on Sales Tax that typically runs just under 10% in NYS.

  2. More ignorant, dishonest politicians pandering and trying to score points. If you want to blame someone Reps. Brennan and Hughes, take a look at PURA and how they have completely screwed over the ratepayers in CT. Their barrage of paperwork, regulations and crap they dump on the utilities over the many years has given us the absolute highest rates in the country. Add in the dumb-ass laws you and your kind have forced down our throats, such as requiring the utilities to use a significant percentage of renewable energy, means higher rates for all of us. Get over yourselves.
    As far as Blumenthal, the former AG whose own staff thought he was a bumbling fool, only has two talents. First, sniffing out a TV camera anywhere within 100 miles and finding a way to get his wrinkly, sickly face in front of it to try and appear like he is relevant, and second, marryjng an obscenely rich woman. The guy has never worked a real job in his life. He has simply fed from the public trough. Of course, his wife provides the real life style which is why he is worth more than $100 million. Pretty good for a public servant.
    Finally, Gov Ned “Howdy Doody” Lamont (go ahead, tell me he doesn’t remind you of Howdy Doody) just continues to look like a deer in the headlights whenever he has to speak. This is what you get when an unprepared, incompetent wealthy guy runs for office so he can add a resume enhancement.


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