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CT launches website to keep residents up-to-date on marijuana laws

Connecticut has launched a website intended to provide state residents with up-to-date information about adult-use cannabis, including clarity on some of the new legislation’s details.

Although the portion of the law permitting adults to possess and consume cannabis went into effect on July 1, several components do not go into effect for another one to two years. That includes the establishment of retail sales, which are expected to begin toward the end of 2022 and will have a very specific licensing process and social equity requirement.

Of the new website – ct.gov/cannabis – Gov. Ned Lamont said, “We know the public will have a lot of questions about this process in the coming months and this website will be an important resource for people who have questions about the new law or who might be interested in starting a new business in this market.”

“We know that many people are excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in this new marketplace in Connecticut,” Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull said.

“This new website will be an important resource for consumers and interested business owners. We will continue to provide information about the licensing and application process as it becomes available, and we are committed to a clear and transparent process.”

Residents are encouraged to check the website regularly for updates on the Social Equity Council, the availability of license applications for businesses, information on public health and safety, and answers to frequently asked questions about the new law.


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