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NY offers $7.8M for low-carbon upgrades in multifamily buildings

New York state has made available $7.8 million for its Low Carbon Pathways for Multifamily Buildings Program, in which building owners and managers will be able to secure funding for low-carbon solutions as part of planned upgrades.

According to the state, buildings are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

Homes and multifamily housing along the Hudson River in Newburgh. Photo by Bob Rozycki

The funding is available to owners or managers of market-rate or affordable multifamily buildings on an open enrollment basis.

The state’s Clean Energy Fund will disburse $5.3 billion over a 10-year period, as part of the state’s effort to bring greenhouse gas emissions down by 85 percent by 2050.

“The Low Carbon Pathways for Multifamily Buildings program makes it easier for owners and managers to decrease their carbon footprint and lower their energy costs,” Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said. “This is yet another critical way New York state is leading the way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat the threat of climate change.”

Improvement packages that owners may choose from include building envelope improvements, ventilation improvements, electrification of heating and cooling systems and electrification of the domestic hot water generation.

Incentives depend on the package or packages chosen, but can range from $700 to $5,000 per unit.

The program is “another resource to help building owners take advantage of routine building upgrades to achieve low-carbon performance, and at a lower overall cost,”  NYSERDA President and CEO Doreen M. Harris said.

“By addressing emissions from this building type as a whole, we are advancing the portfolio-wide transformation needed to address building emissions block by block and community by community to ensure healthier living spaces and cleaner air for all New Yorkers.”

NYSERDA will evaluate the eligible projects, on criteria such as cost, energy savings, ease of implementation, solution performance, maintenance needs, tenant receptivity and opportunity to avoid fees and penalties.

Interested parties can apply online on the NYSERDA program page.


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