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Connecticut health care industry blasts ‘Trumpcare’ plan


  1. […] Connecticut health care industry blasts ‘Trumpcare’ plan Area hospitals and health care organizations have given their opening reviews of the proposed American Health Care Act – and they aren’t good. Particularly troubling, health care providers said, are the changes in Medicaid.  “Medicaid expansion resulted in more than 200,000 Connecticut residents gaining coverage,” said Michele Sharp, spokesperson at the Connecticut Hospital Association. “But if funding is lost, there is an open question regarding how those people would receive coverage.” “We are also concerned for providers,” she said. (Westfair Communications) […]

  2. I work in Health care and have seen the devastating affects on the massive tax rate CT hospitals are forced to pay. While I agree able body people should be working and not on Medicaid to drain resources for those who need it, and I agree Obama care needs to be changed… our new president has to slow down and not think he can get every promise done in 100 days. There is one chance to get this right and there is a high need to actively listen to the concerns on states. Its time our elected officials come together to get this right- not for their party and not for their own personal gain but for the American people who have been so screwed by Obama care and the promises made that clearly did not happen.


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