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City of Norwalk firewood proves a hot commodity

The city of Norwalk, long associated with the bounty of the Long Island Sound, recently staked its claim to Paul Bunyan’s timber realm and found the woods profitable.

Norwalk reported its inaugural resident firewood program generated $3,750 in sales revenue and saved $2,307 in carting fees while removing 100 tons from the waste stream.

Firewood ready to be split at Norwalk's Smith Street debris site.
Firewood ready to be split at Norwalk’s Smith Street debris site.

In a press release, the city claimed no additional labor costs with the program, noting, “Loading the wood for disposal is the equivalent to splitting it for sale.”

Councilman John Kydes said, “We started this as a pilot program to see if there was enough resident support. We quickly found that the demand was there, after continuously selling out in minutes. Ken Hughes, director of parks, did a fantastic job managing sales and pickups.”

Hughes said, “With a head start next time around, we will be stockpiling wood over the coming months and ready for next year’s heating season demand. Future sales dates will be posted on Norwalk’s website.”

Hughes conceived the program and helped bring it to fruition with Mayor Harry Rilling and Kydes. The inaugural program produced 25 cords of split and seasoned firewood, which was sold to Norwalk residents at $75 per half cord.

“The public has spoken and the resident firewood program will be back next year,” Rilling said.

Next season, Norwalk taxpayers will be able to visit the Norwalk website at norwalkct.org and purchase a firewood voucher. The voucher, a matching photo ID and a resident pass will be required at the Department of Public Works yard debris site at 15 S. Smith St. for self-loaded pickup. The quantity of firewood for sale is 175 pieces (approximately half cord) for $75. Firewood pickup days in 2015 will be announced on the city’s website.


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