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Curtain rings down on Westchester Broadway Theatre


  1. Awful. This was a wonderful theatre run by wonderful people. I had the privilege of working there backstage one day before they opened which was July 9th 1974. I stayed on and off for about two years or so then going to see shows every now and then till I moved away. This is a terrible loss for the community, for theatre, theatre people, the patrons, the workers there, Bob and Bill and my good friend Pia who started the same day I did. I wish them all well and better times to come.

  2. Ouch, this hurts. When Arts are adversely affected you know we as a society have a lot of work to do. I started my Mortgage Business back in 1988 and often used the Theatre to meet and attend with clients and friends and of course with family. Will truly be missed.

  3. I am greatly saddened by the Westchester Broadway Theatre’s closing. I was a bartender there from 1975-1989, and still had friends employed there in January 2020. Between my brothers, Bruce, Jeffrey and I, at least one of us had worked there for the entire run, from 1974-2020.

    It will be greatly missed by the community, the actors, and the entire staff, who worked their tails off to help make this a great institution.

  4. So sad….A terrible loss for the community and to the artists who have worked there and the ones who would have worked there otherwise. Hopefully, when this nightmare ends, the venue will re-open in it’s previous majesty!

  5. So so sad to hear this
    I worked in the box office and loved the shows and treating my parents to shows and Glenn Miller and so many other performances- made great friends working there
    Good luck to all in moving on to live without WBT

  6. such a sad day! enjoyed going to the shows. in the beginning there were also children productions i believe by WESCO my children now 43 and 41 attended. i never went to nyc productions of plays always went to westchester. special place for special occasions.

  7. Awful, Awful, Awful….too many memories there for me to list. From working there as a teenager hostessing and bussing tables, to many shows I’ve seen there, to seeing my father honored there when he was presented with a Cab Calloway award. This is so sad.

  8. So sad to hear this is closing permanently!! It was a great place with professional performances for so many years ! So many enjoyed going here to see Broadway plays without traveling to the city. People are saddened to hear this is closing permanently!

  9. Is there absolutely no way to save this wonderful theatre? It seems the landlord is a company with many other properties, unless I am mistaken. Unless they are really hurting financially, why not try to work with WBT to save it? How can they turn this theatre into a WAREHOUSE???

  10. Hi….sorry to hear the news of closing this beautiful theater. Please let me know how we may be refunded for the last three plays we have already paid for…via subscription.
    Thank you,
    Reet Lubin
    Lois Ste8n


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