Home Economy Mixed reviews for proposed reintroduction of tolls to Conn. highways

Mixed reviews for proposed reintroduction of tolls to Conn. highways


  1. There are no “mixed reviews” this is another way to bilk the CT tax payer. Bring back the tolls and “promise” to use the $ to only pay for infrastructure maintenance, “wink”.

    What about the unfunded pension, retiree health care and bond obligations? What are we doing about these? Nothing. Malloy is the worst governor in the country and that includes Jerry Brown.

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  2. The lockbox idea is one of the great lies ever perpetrated on the American public.

    I just found a dozen CT turnpike toll tokens, do you think I’ll be able to use them when they institute tolls again….

  3. There is no need for tolls. The author argues against increasing the gasoline tax; however, if a transportation tax were needed to provide revenue for transportation infrastructure (i.e., roads, bridges), one doesn’t need to add toll booths, just add to the gas tax. That tax is the fairest and most efficient solution and even has the advantage of, perhaps, guiding our citizens to make better choices to purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles.

  4. Multiple times the phrase “Every other state in the Northeast uses some kind of toll system…” was used. For the record, RI is part of the Northeast; and, there are NO state-wide toll programs in that state. Yes, there are bridge tolls if you are going to Newport, but, NO state-wide toll programs in RI.


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