Home Column Westchester County Association calls on Aetna to keep Montefiore coverage

Westchester County Association calls on Aetna to keep Montefiore coverage


  1. Health Insurance is the biggest scam in the world..it is time to bring charges against AETNA and other companies like it. There stock is at an all time high and the profit margins keep increasing…

  2. It is a business negotiation. The fact that Monte is ASKING insureds who pay money for their insurance to go back and say, “yes Aetna, please pay Montefiore, one of the highest paid hospitals in the State, 60% above what is reasonable and customary by Medicare standards” is preposterous. Think about it this way, If Montefiore gets the 60% increase, where do you think companies like Aetna and UHC are going to get it? That’s right, the insureds who went to bat for the hospital will be seeing this. There is no such thing as a non-profit hospital, insurance company, or anything else for that matter. Everything in this world is for profit of some kind. Both kids need to work on playing better in the sandbox.

  3. Also, Aetna offers PPO plans with Nationwide networks which is why people enroll in them. So their co-pays will be a bit higher at this one Hospital network. For the average user of their play, co pays aren’t the issue. They can still seek treatment at Monte and Aetna will pay as an “out of network” benefit. They do not LOSE their doctors. And articles like this just feed the fear that people have and breed negativity. Their premiums will remain in tact and Monte will be getting paid LESS than what they were when they were contracted without receiving bonuses for keeping members out of the Hospital. So in the end, Monte is LOSING out by not resigning.


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