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National labor board imposes union agenda

Business groups say they are alarmed by one-sided policymaking of the National Labor Relations Board.

Paid sick leave mandate a bad idea for Connecticut

It’s troubling that the Connecticut Legislature continues to pursue the paid sick leave proposal that puts a significant cost burden on employers struggling to survive the recession.

A question of accountability

Senate Bill 913 would make Connecticut the first state in the nation to mandate paid sick leave for employees, a regrettable step backward given the state’s high unemployment, struggling economy and weak prospects for job creation

Employers seek block of unemployment tax hike

Organizations in more than 40 states whose unemployment funds were decimated by the recession.

Pro-labor proposal defeated in U.S. Senate

The Paycheck Fairness Act proposal, which would make it easier for workers to sue their employers, has been defeated in the U.S. Senate.

Connecticut needs an identifiable pro-jobs plan

With an unemployment rate hovering at 9 percent and Connecticut residents still nervous about their long-term financial stability, Labor Day is an excellent time to focus on jobs.

Control labor costs and get people back to work

Many in the business community fear that lawmakers will promote legislation that will cost, not create, more jobs.