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Jepsen brings new approach to business

Connecticut’s new Attorney General George Jepsen is working to foster a sense of confidence that his office is receptive to businesses’ concerns.

Connecticut legislators urged to OK spending cuts

Connecticut lawmakers must bring the cost of state government and employee benefits in line with those in the private sector and restore fiscal responsibility.

In Hartford, jobs coming back in focus

Lawmakers must listen to the issues of employers, who are the real job creators and foundation for Connecticut’s economic recovery.

Guest view: Legislature needs to sharpen jobs focus

Like many other states, Connecticut is struggling to recover from the Great Recession and reignite a stagnant economy. This year, while our fiscal condition...

Connecticut lawmakers should heed warnings on anti-jobs bills

State legislators must reject costly workplace mandates and work to make Connecticut a more welcoming place for investment, growth and job creation.

Innovative reforms needed to cut state spending

For true fiscal reform, Connecticut needs to make systemic changes that impact not only current costs but the mountain of unfunded state liabilities.

Voting is over, accountability begins

Citizens of Connecticut must help elected officials govern and hold them accountable for responsible, long-term results.

Election2010: Why your vote matters on Tuesday

What our elected officials face is a long-term crisis of nearly unimaginable proportions – $60 billion in obligations we must meet.

Still time to find out about the candidates

Information about the candidates running for office in Connecticut and where they stand on the issues is available at cbia.com/election.

What voters want: Candidates with a plan

Voters seem to be in tune on the state’s economic challenges and they believe state government is spending and wasting too much.

Connecticut ranks low with CEOs

Connecticut has managed once again a poor showing in a national poll to determine which states are most business-friendly.

Connecticut taxpayers face more pressing issues

All voters in Connecticut should get candidates to pledge that they will make the tough decisions needed to get the state back on track.

CBIA: Voters must ask candidates probing questions

Voters must ask candidates for state office how they would handle the challenges of Connecticut’s budget deficits and the struggling job market.

It’s time for change at the state Capitol

CBIA is working to educate Connecticut voters about the issues facing the state and encourage candidates to downsize government and grow the economy.

Guest View

July 1 marked start of new fiscal year, but budget crisis remains in Connecticut.