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Eyeing the North Carolina model

Connecticut must adopt policies that change the perception of the state as unfriendly to business.

In Connecticut, education drives economics

The governor and legislators must work to strengthen education in Connecticut to help the state compete in a global business environment.

Restore business confidence in Connecticut

A collaborative effort between business and the state is crucial to create jobs and drive Connecticut’s economy.

Malloy vows to ‘listen’ to business

Members of the private sector have an opportunity to tell government leaders about what policy changes are necessary to unlock private-sector investment.

Disappointing results for Connecticut’s jobs, economy

The Legislature has failed to put the state on a path to improve Connecticut’s economic competitiveness and foster a climate in which businesses are more willing to invest and create jobs.

Guest View

Elected officials can help offset Connecticut’s impediments to business investment by creating a stable tax system, streamlining environmental regulations and better preparing students for work in high-skill, high-knowledge industries.

The start of a ‘new relationship’

Connecticut must improve the relationship between state government and the employer community.

Will Connecticut join in the recovery?

Economist Mark Zandi’s forecast underscores the need for Connecticut’s government leaders to put job creation and economic growth at the top of their agenda.

Building a path to job creation

The way forward - from fiscal crisis to job creation in Connecticut.

Now the hard work begins

The sooner legislators take action to restore fiscal responsibility and revive the economy, the sooner Connecticut will be on the path to creating the sustainable jobs.

Closing Connecticut’s achievement gap

Connecticut’s achievement gap is the worst in the nation.

Worth fighting for

A growing number of voters, businesses and local organizations say it’s worth fighting for more jobs, a thriving state economy and streamlined government.

Holding our elected officials accountable

In Connecticut, this an exceptionally advantageous time for business leaders and organizations to become politically active

Education key to future work force

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) strongly endorses Connecticut’s application for Race To The Top grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

A blueprint for improving state government

CBIA strongly supports downsizing and streamlining state government to make it more cost-efficient and responsive to the needs of Connecticut’s families and businesses.