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Privacy, you, and your business

Privacy is important for individuals, customers, and businesses alike. Privacy threats include data breaches and companies who overshare, violating their privacy promises regarding customer...

Email based cybercrime thefts

Cybercriminals commit thefts every day just with email, stealing billions of dollars every year. Yes, billions with a “B”. This is a top cybercrime...

Data breaches and your business

After a data breach, organizations can expect that their cybersecurity program will be subject to greater scrutiny by government, customers, potential plaintiffs and insurers.

Ransomware and your business

Businesses that put security plans in place ahead of time can avoid ransomware threats from ever occurring in the first place.

An overview of cybersecurity laws affecting businesses in New York and...

Some businesses are not properly aware of the cybercrime risks they face and the related laws. Many have inadequate cybersecurity planning, and their cybercrime...