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This chef can take the heat in the kitchen and in...

Victoria “Vicki” Ingrassia’s email address, wanderingpickle@yahoo.com, reflects her dual careers. In addition to catering under her own name, she offers hot air balloon rides...

Nurse helps men battle their demons

"I have to go. I’ve got a code blue.” With those words, Laurel McCullagh abruptly ends a telephone conversation and hurries off to minister to...

Column: Drawn to create on a living canvas

Adam Lauricella of Graceland Tattoos in Wappingers Falls creates personal body art.

Column: Carpenter Stefan Arne Carlson finds variety in his craft

Stefan Arne Carlson is a carpenter who works in snow. The dauntless Cold Spring tradesman credits his Swedish heritage for functioning in weather intimidating...

Joan Clauss says ‘Yes’ to the wedding dress business

After 10 years as Philipstown deputy town clerk, Joan Clauss returns to making custom bridal gowns.

Column: Checking under the floorboards for surprises

Christopher Scardaci, a Poughkeepsie-based home inspector, helps homesellers and homebuyers.

Column: Mind, body and soul in a whirl

Newburgh resident turns love of flying into a business.

Column: Former project manager parlays personal plant battle into professional weed...

When John Messerschmidt bought a rural weekend home in Ulster County’s High Falls, he found himself with a nasty case of poison ivy. The war was on.

Column: Making the fix, big and small

Putman Valley repairman finds honesty is the most lucrative policy.

Column: Colonel’s class is one part chemistry, one part philosophy

The colonel is professor and head of the Department of Chemistry and Life Science at the U.S. Military Academy.

Column: In a world … : Garrison woman lauds film trailers

Evelyn Brady-Watters founded the Golden Trailer Awards to recognize best movie trailer creators.

Column: Anderson Center’s savior lauds its strengths

A spirited businessman with a soft heart has been improving lives of individuals with autism and their families since 2001.

Column: Kilt-making business finds a home in Highland

When Doreen Browning set out to buy her husband a kilt for his 60th birthday, she embarked on a retirement career for both of them.

Column: Home health aide recounts trials and triumphs

A typical day might find Peg Lijoi running errands, taking a patient out to dine or cooking a favorite meal, but there’s no such thing as a typical day.

Column: Farrier Ken Boaz’s skill set straddles professions

Horses in the region know they have a friend when Ken Boaz arrives at their stables.