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Change …

We must be lost … because the talk on the campaign trail features the need for a change of direction.

I shouldn’ta said that

The sweaty palms, the rapid pulse, the future in the balance … the interview.

Virtues revealed through dance

While attending a Divine Performing Arts show, you’re not only promised two hours of moving art; you’re promised a lesson in Chinese culture.

Spuds and Suds

From spuds to suds, the Hudson Valley was in full swing this past weekend.

Business Council of Westchester shares some laughs

Knee slaps and chuckles echoed through the Hilton Rye Town on Oct. 7, as political satire group The Capitol Steps performed at The Business Council of Westchester’s annual dinner.

Q&A for the corner office

From researching ways to conserve resources such as paper and energy to worrying about losing their jobs and investment savings, it’s no wonder families are under more stress than ever.

Q&A for the corner office

Kermit the Frog once lamented, “It’s not easy being green.”

Heart of gold, with a purse to match

It’s not often you walk into a clothing boutique and are asked: “Can I order you something to eat?”

Health care for illegal immigrants?

They are two of the hottest topics in this year’s election – health care and immigration –and together they are sparking serious debates.

Fraud not necessarily linked to poor economy, lawyers say

Do tough times bring out the inner crooks in otherwise law-abiding citizens?

Q&A for the corner office

Do tough times bring out the inner crooks in otherwise law-abiding citizens?

Cabrini remake stresses dignity and privacy

It’s been a scene of drilling and hammering at St. Cabrini Nursing Home in Dobbs Ferry, a 300-plus-resident facility undergoing major renovations of the entire property. 

An evening fit for a Knickerbocker

Sunnyside, the former home of world-renowned author Washington Irving, was known for hosting elegant parties on its rolling, romantic landscape in the 19th century.

Q&A for the corner office

This week, Tom O’Brien, principal of O’Brien Architecture L.L.C. in Mount Kisco, N.Y., talks about construction in the energy-conscious 21st century.

Q&A for the corner office

This week, Tim Williams, managing partner of Media Storm L.L.C. in Norwalk and Bill Madden, president of Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.- based Madden Communications & Marketing L.L.C., discuss what qualities they look for while recruiting applicants for advertising positions.